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Many people prefer golf as a leisure activity. While other do it professionally.  All in all nothing matters at all when it comes doing the actual thing you do it to get yourself pleased. Out there various golf lessons are always offered. We also give lessons on how you can start playing golf, how to become the best and also how to stay at the top.


Today and in this article, we are going to look at an individual aspect of golf which is actually how to stay on top of your ball during your swing. While you swing you have to stay on top of your ball or else, you will have to sway and shift the top of your spine angle. This causes a swing and you bottom-out and the incorrect part misleading you to make a mishit golf shot. Nowadays the instructional community couples up with the professionals in changing the description of simple golf mechanism.


Activity undertaken remains the same. For example, golf-swing remains the same. What matters and what has changed with each generation of golf instructors are the terms and nomenclature used to describe different golf mechanics. Now they have given the discipline we are going to discuss the name "staying-on-top-of-the-ball."


It is always ideal and advisable to maintain eye contact with the ball from the beginning to the swing. If you maintain this crucial eye contact, you will not be able to move your head away from the ball. This idea of staying on top of the ball it can theoretically be explained as keeping a steady head during the swing. All these terms and descriptions try to tell you as a golf player to maintain a stable top of the spine position during your golf swing to be able to make your swing arc bottom out in the same situation of the beginning of your swing. However, this idea of keeping a steady head doesn't mean you cannot move your head at all during the swing. Read more here!


While making your golf swing, you should let your left leg be firmly grounded throughout the swing making process. This helps you keep the top of your spine stable. Secondly, you should maintain an eye contact. Thirdly avoid raising, lowering or moving your head during the back swing. If you maintain these the top of your spine will remain stable.


If you put into action those three essential things, then you will be able to stay on top of the ball, click here for details